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Bill Cody with Michael Ray, recorded July 11th, 2016 at WSM Radio.  Michael joined us on our studio hotline from San Francisco to chat about his new single, touring with Darius Rucker and his recent appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.   Visit Michael on the web at

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Bill Cody with Cheryl Rogers Barnett, the adopted daughter of Roy Rogers, recorded June 15th, 2016  at WSM Radio.  Cheryl had just released a new book "Cowboy Princess Rides Again" and stopped by to share some great memories of her dad.  For more, please visit

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Bill Cody with Jesse & Noah, recorded June 14th, 2016 at WSM radio in Nashville.  Jesse & Noah stopped by our WSM studios to chat about their new release "This Town was built on heartbreak songs'.  Check 'em out at

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Bill Cody with Lorrie Morgan, Jesse Keith Whitley and Darryl Worley, recorded June 22nd 2016 at WSM radio.  Lorrie, Jesse & Darryl joined us to preview the Keith Whitley Memorial Bike Ride and first annual "Through the years" tribute concert ! 

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Bill Cody with Drew Baldridge recorded June 28th 2016 at WSM radio in Nashville. Drew joined us to chat about her recent debut on the Grand Ole Opry and his debut album "Dirt on Us"

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Bill Cody with Jeff Allen, recorded June 21st 2016 at WSM Radio.  Jeff was headlining the Capitol Theater in Lebanon and stopped by to share some laughs and preview that show.  Check out

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Bill Cody with Rita Coolidge, recorded June 7th, 2016.  Rita joined us on our studio hotline to chat about her new memoir "Delta Lady".  For more on Rita and her new book, please visit:

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Bill Cody with John Berry, recorded June 1st, 2016 at WSM Radio.  John stopped by to preview his CMA Music Fest week and chat about his new album "What I Love the Most".  For more on John, check out

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Coffee, Country & Cody's Bill Cody sits down with Scotty McCreery for part 2 of an in-depth Podcast session.  For more on Scotty's music and tour schedule, check out:  

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Part 1 of Bill Cody's in depth interview with Scotty McCreery.  For more on Scotty, check out

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