WSM Radio's Coffee, Country & Cody
From the world-famous WSM in Nashville, Tennessee – home of the Grand Ole Opry – Bill Cody, Kelly Sutton, Charlie Mattos, and Eric Marcum chat with Country Music's biggest artists and bring a taste of the station that made Country Music famous.

Bill Cody with Billy Henson recorded July 14th, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Bill had just released a new cd "There is a Time" and was headlining a show at The Station Inn.


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Bill Cody with Jacob Lyda recorded August 5, 2011 at the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Jacob would be making his Grand Ole Opry debut the next night and would treat us to several live acoustic performances.   Check out:

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Larry Stewart with Charlie Mattos, recorded August 9, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nsshville.  Bill Cody was on vacation and Larry Stewart, lead singer of Restless Heart was out guest dj !   Check out their website at:


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Bill Cody with Danielle Peck recorded June 10, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Danielle stopped by to visit and preview her week at the CMA Music Fest.  For more on Danielle's music, check out:


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Bill Cody with Carter's Chord recorded June 21, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  The sisters, Becky, Emily and Joanna had recently released a new cd "Wild Together" on Show Dog/Universal and would perform several live acoustic tunes for us.  Check out their website at:



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Bill Cody with LynnMarie recorded March 25, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  LynnMarie stopped by to preview her one woman show "Stories & Songs from my Bathrobe" that she was debuting at Vanderbilt University.  For more on LynnMarie check out:


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Bill Cody with Matraca Berg, recorded May 23, 2011 at WSM radio in Nashville.  Matraca, a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, had just releaesd a new cd "The Dreaming Fields" and would treat us to several live in studio acoustic performances.  For more on Matraca please visit:

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Bill Cody with Buddy Jewell, recoreded June 8, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Buddy stopped by during CMA Music Fest week and treated us to some new music !  For more on Buddy, please visit: 

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Bill Cody with Cali Tucker, recorded April 19, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Cali was performing at 3rd & Lindsley and stopped by to chat and treat us to several live acoustic tunes.

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Charlie Mattos with Guest Host Larry Gatlin, recorded June 20, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Bill Cody was on vacation and Larry joined us for several hours to spin some of his favorite tunes and tell some great stories.

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Bill Cody with Country Music Hall of Fame member Bill Anderson, recorded July 12, 2011 at WSM radio in Nashville.  Bill was getting set to celebrate his 50th Anniversary at the Grand Ole Opry and would spend the hour with us looking back on his great career.  Bill would get a surprise visit from fell Hall of Fame member Ralph Emery.

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