WSM Radio's Coffee, Country & Cody
From the world-famous WSM in Nashville, Tennessee – home of the Grand Ole Opry – Bill Cody, Kelly Sutton, Charlie Mattos, and Eric Marcum chat with Country Music's biggest artists and bring a taste of the station that made Country Music famous.

Bill Cody & Charlie Mattos with The Gibson Brothers, recorded September 28, 2011 at WSM radio in Nashville.   It was IBMA week in Nashville and Eric & Leigh stopped by to chat and share a couple of live acoustic tunes.   For more, visit:




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Bill Cody with Joe Bonsall and Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys, recorded in July & September of 2011.  Joe phoned in on our studio hotline to chat about his new book "From My Perspective" and Duane visited with to preview the Oak's new Cracker Barrel cd project "It's Only Natural".  For more on the Oak Ridge Boys, visit:


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Bill Cody with Eddy Raven, recorded September 9, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Eddy took a break from a busy road & writing schedule to visit with us on WSM.  For the latest goings-on in Eddy's world, visit:


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Bill Cody with Connie Smith, recorded August 25, 2011 at WSM Radio.  Connie had just released a new cd on "Sugar Hill" records and would be honored as the Artist in Residence at the Country Music Hall of Fame !    For more info on Connie, check out:

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Bill Cody with Julie Roberts recorded June 27, 2011 at WSM radio.  Julie had just releaased a terrific new album called "Alive".  Check out Julie's website at:


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Bill Cody with Janet Hattabaugh recorded August 18, 2011 at WSM radio in Nashville.  Janet was playing Puckett's in Leipers Fork and stopped by to play some tunes and preview that show.    Check out Janet on her Facebook page: 

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Charlie Mattos with Gretchen Peters & Barry Walsh recorded August 5, 2011 at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Gretchen was being featured in the Hall of Fame's Songwriter Sessions the following day and stopped to preview that and treat us to some great live music.  For more on Gretchen's music, please visit:



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