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From the world-famous WSM in Nashville, Tennessee – home of the Grand Ole Opry – Bill Cody, Kelly Sutton, Charlie Mattos, and Eric Marcum chat with Country Music's biggest artists and bring a taste of the station that made Country Music famous.

One of Nashville's great songwriters, Mark D Sanders along with Michael Gray from the Country Music Hall of Fame, recorded May 24, 2012 at WSM Radio in Nashville.   Mark was being honored at the Hall of Fame's "Poets & Prophets" series.

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Bill Cody with Joe Stampley, recorded June 12, 2012 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Joe had just released "The Country Soul of Joe Stampley" and stopped by to preview tracks from that new cd as well as share some great stories from his early days in The Uniques !

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Bill Cody with Chris Henry & the Hardcore Grass, recorded June 13th, 2012 at WSM Radio in Nashville.   We were treated to some great live music in studio !  Check 'em out at:

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Dawn Sears, Kenny Sears & Ranger Doug Green of "The Time Jumpers" with Bill Cody on WSM Radio in Nashville.  We were thrilled to have the radio debut of new music from the Time Jumpers, from their album set for release in mid-August.   Check 'em out on the web at:

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Bill Cody with one of the great guitar players, Doyle Dykes, recorded April 14, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Doyle would share some great music and chat about his new book "The lights of Marfa".

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Bill Cody with former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher.  Jeff joined us in June of 2011 to preview his final Jeff Fisher & Friends celebrity softball game and shared some thoughts on his recent climb of Mount Kilimanjaro !

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Two great Nashville dj's visit, as Bill Cody welcomes Gerry House to 650 WSM.  Gerry was retriting after a long, award winning career at Nashville's WSIX radio, and shared some great memories with us.   This interview was recorded in December of 2010.

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Bill Cody with Donna Ulisse, recorded July 29, 2011 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  Donna & the Poor Mountain Boys had just returned from a tour of Russia and had some great stories to tell !   Check 'em out on the web at: 

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Bill Cody with Carrie Hassler, recorded April 24, 2012 at WSM radio.  Carrie had just released a new cd: "The Distance".   Check out

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